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今日から、ワタクシ松本、 20代最後の年に入りました。

このサイトにもたくさんのメッセージを頂き、本当 にありがとう!! たくさんの方々に、祝って頂き、感謝感激です! ワタクシ松本、幸せでございます(^_^)

あっという間に20代が終わりそうです。 僕が20歳になったのが2003年だから。。2003年っ ていうと、「How’s〜」のツアーや、「君はペット
」をやらせてもらった年。 大分、昔の気もするけど、それから色々な事を経験 させてもらい、今に至ります。

本当に楽しい時間がたくさんあって、あっという間 に感じるけど、充実した日々でした。

これからは20代のまとめとして、いい一年になるよ うに過ごしたいです


こちらは、24時間テレビが終わり、アラフェスに向 け、リハーサルの真っ最中です!!

今回は、皆さんからのリクエスト結果があるので。 。。 今までとは、違ったカタチを作れる気がします。

どんな内容になるか。。。? どんな曲が聴けるか。。。??



ってなわけで、アラフェス、楽しみにしててくださ いね〜(^-^)/


rough translation, I'm not an expert but pls credit if using..thanks.

Good Morning!!

I’m here.

From today, its the last year of Matsumoto in my 20s.

I also got a lot of messges from this site, thank you so much! To a
everyone who celebrated, my heartfelt thanks.

I, Matsumoto, am very happy.


I’m now in my late 20s so quickly. I became 20 years old in 2003… This was
during the [ How’s it Going ~] tour of 2003, [Kimi wa Petto] drama.

I also feel much older and was allowed to experience many things then that
made me what I am now.

I’ve had a lot of really fun time but I feel that I’m relieved for making
people happy.

Sumarizing my 20s, I now want to spend it as a good year.

In the future, I thank you.

24 Hour TV is now over and I’m in the middle of rehearsing for Arafes!!

This time, its the result of your requests.. and now, I feel that I can
comu up with something differnt.

Will it have a different content…? What songs would be heard…??

It’s really fun.

I’m going to do my best for Arafes!

So please do look forward to Arafes- hope you all enjoy~ (^ - ^) / -
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so it goes~~~
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  • I didn't just write this but I really dreamt of it...
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I greet you for another year and humbly thank you for bringing me to this
fandom. I thank you for the countless laughter, smiles, happiness, tears
and the occassional brouhaha..

I’m thankful that somehow even if I don’t see old fandom friends anymore, I
know that you’ve brought special and amazing ppl to my life not only
Arashians but a lot of other friends in the jimousho…

If not for you, I would have been gone a long time ago with the drama queen
that I am. Lolz!

I thank your real oneesama for pushing you to enter Jyannisu and for being
the warm person that you are behind all that seemingly cold façade you try
to put up.

Please know that we love you and from the bottom of our hearts thank you
for your relentless and hardworking spirit.

We wish you nothing but happiness, stay well and healthy.

I love you dear little brother.

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 rant  ahead.. consider skipping~

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Mou~ I finally got round to creating an account here after the shutdown of
VOX. In any case, if you stumbled upon this entry, welcome to my blog

Work is kinda hectic so I apologize if I'm unable to really post that much.
You can call me Tenshiko or Tenshi or if you've seen me in Livejournal or
VOX before then you already know my real name. I was born in the same year
as Sakurai Sho and Aiba Masaki so I don't flail as much anymore. I'm a
Johnny's & Associates or Johnny's Entertainment fan. My ichiban group is
Arashi (as of that isn't obvious) but I love JE! I've been a fan since
October 29, 2005 but only started blogging around 2006. It took me 2 more
years before I got to meet local fans in my country Manila, Philippines and
realized I'm not their only fan here.

I'm also a manga, anime and jrock fan. I used to cosplay and I still do
sometimes. I also listen to kpop but not too much that I would flail over
them. I still prefer jpop more and the jpop fandom is like a family to me,
where I have friends or sisters or brothers in almost every group.

Sorry for the long entry. I hope to get to meet a lot more friends here.

You may also want to visit my fanfic dumpsite at but I may just crosspost them here in the
I also am plannig to create a community here for Sho's Filipino fans.

Anyway, thanks for your time.
Yoroshiku onegaishimasu.

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